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JIO DTH Booking: Buy Jio Set Top Box, Online Registration 2019




Reliance Jio is almost ready to announce its new product Jio DTH Launch and the JIO DTH online booking starts in a few months. Firstly, everyone thinks its a rumor and now it can be confirmed that the Jio DTH service is launching in the upcoming days. It was a too long wait but hopefully, we can expect or there will be something that much amazing with them. The Reliance Jio DTH Booking may start in the next few months and the service will be available in the major cities in the first session. It will cover the whole nation in a short span. You all will remember the bang launch of the Jio Sim card along with their Unlimited Free Internet and Call offer but, firstly it was available only to a very few smartphones (with a barcode). After a few months, it was available to everyone with high-speed internet. So, their growth was very faster than any other networks and we can expect the same on this case also.

jio dth plan

The Jio DTH plans will be cheaper for sure than any other currently available operators. It’s actually necessary for them to have to a huge number of new connection/customers or its necessary to beat the other operators. So, we all will have the profit from that and could get the best service. Jio may be currently doing their tests with their new DTH system and it will be available for the public very soon. They will be available in the Jio store as well as on Online stores once it is officially launched. In this current scenario, we can say that the JIO DTH service is already launched but, sadly their official confirmation is not yet received. We can do Jio DTH Booking from the Online Stores and if anyone of you doesn’t found it’s not safe to buy online then you could simply visit your nearest Jio Store and can do the Jio DTH Registration or booking and also can grab the set-top box from there. It may only a very few months to see their launch and it will be available to book after that so, just wait for that now.

How To Buy Jio Dth SetTop Box Online?

  1. Visit your Nearest Jio Store.
  2. Else, you can book through the official website: Link
  3. You may need to verify your address with any available identity proof.
  4. Jio representatives will visit you’re very soon and install the dish and also provides the set-top box.

Once the Jio DTH is officially announced then you can simply follow the above steps to get their service. In order to book the Jio Dth Set Top Box Online, it’s essential to verify with any valid identity proof, or you have to verify your identity along with the address. So, Aadhar Card or any other valid id proof should be provided and have to pay for the set-top box. After that, the Jio officials or the engineers will visit your home to install and set and install the Jio Dth set-top box. As per the available details, the Jio Dth will work with the Jio Broadband Network so, the Broadband Connection is necessary along with them to enjoy their service at your home. Unlike the recent times Dish Antenna, the Jio DTH may have the which work like the Modern Technology IPTV. With High-Speed Internet Connection, this IPTV are capable to telecast the TV Channels at the better quality which provides a better experience to the subscribers.


One significant advantage to point out with this advanced system is its resistance to the natural effects which generally affect the system like the Natural Calamities, heavy Rain or flood, wind or anything else. There may not be any effect on the system due to these and also noise due to the low signal or signal loss won’t be there, the Jio Dth will provide a completely better cable-less Connection Experience to their subscribers. You may not know that this IPTV technology is widespread in other western countries and it helps to enjoy them until there is no issue with their internet connection. So, as I already told its much common in other western countries but currently it’s not available in India. The same technology will be used very soon in India, and for the Jio DTH Connection, we can refer as Jio IPTV. We can enjoy all the available channels at the HD quality without even paying anything extra with the Jio IPTV system. There will be a great change in the user or the subscriber experience for sure after the introduction of their new system.

JIO DTH Online Booking 2019

The official launch of the DTH can be expected in the next few months, or it will be in 2019 itself. Reliance Jio CEO Mr. Mukesh Ambani made few announcements at the 41st Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited. Few of them are listing below.

  • Jio Monsoon Hungama offer: Exchange your old Jio Featured phone or JioPhone with JioPhone 2 at Just Rs.501.
  • JioGigaFiber broadband: Announced about the new broadband service named JioGigaFiber broadband, along with super exciting features for home as well as businesses purpose.
  • JioPhone 2: Launched the upgraded new JioPhone 2 at an introductory price of Rs.2,999 with great offers along with the new phone.
  • 25 million JioPhone Users: They claimed that there are more than
    Twenty-five million JioPhone users in India and expecting a considerable increase in users with the release of the JioPhone 2.

So, these are the significant things announced in the AGM 2018, and there was no update about the Jio DTH so, we can expect the announcement about the new DTH service this year. As per the rumors coming out, the Jio GigaFiber Broadband Customers will receive an IPTV Box, and that can be connected with the GigaFiber router. The high-speed Jio Broadband service may help to Telecast the TV channels at HD quality.

Price of Jio DTH Set Top Box?

Direct-to-HomeThe pricing details of the Jio DTH are not available, that may be available only after an official update from them. But, the expected price details are available and you can check them below. The DTH launch can be expected on the next Annual Meeting of Reliance Jio and proper pricing will be available after that. Just like the JIO sim, we will surely have exciting offers on the launch and its required for them to have large customers in a short span. Another important news is that the DTH service will be surely be included in the Jio Smart Home and that includes many products or devices, which includes then Set Top Box, GigaFiber Router, Smart Remote Control, IPTV, the Security Camera, etc. The complete package of the Smart Home System will be a minimum will be Rs.5500 or can be more than that. But, while considering the other available services pricing then it’s very low and cheap. So, if you have decided to buy that then try to buy or book them from the official site as soon as they officially announce the service or product then, you can have the best introductory offers and that may not available after a short period.


The DTH service from the Jio or the Reliance will be named as Jio Home TV. After the launch, JIO to announce some very exciting offers in order to gain users or customers from the current DTH Direct-to-Home giants like Tata Sky, Airtel, Dish TV, Videocon D2H, etc. So, this will make a tough Competition in the fields and the other service providers will start decreasing their plan pricing to avoid losing the existing customers just like it happened in the mobile networks. So, this will effectively give benefit to Jio DTH Customers and also to other DTH customers in India. The Jio Home TV or the DTH service will be based on the eMBMS or the Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service, it’s a new Technology introduced in India. It lets the company provide better quality service at cheap rates. AS per the available details, the beta testing is going on and the launch with the new technology (eMBMS) will be very soon in the upcoming months of 2019.

The all-new Jio Home TV can be referred to as a modified better version of the Jio Broadcast Application. This was recently tested on many devices to stream High Definition (HD) channels or contents. As I already mentioned it uses the eMBMS or the Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service Technology and the internet connection is not required for that like the Jio TV App on smartphones. The beta testing of the product takes much time, and that makes it too much late to enjoy these services from Jio. The Jio DTH service will let the customers enjoy their services in both the HD (High Definition) and the SD (Standard Definition) quality or channels. So, every customer can have the package depending upon their requirement, and surely there will be some pricing difference between the channels of HD and SD just like the other providers. But comparatively, it will be very low than the other providers. Also, it may not need to pay extra for the addons packs or channels like the others.

As you all know, they haven’t released or confirmed anything through any official source or by any officials in any manners. So, we can’t confirm all the details from the unknown or unofficial sources are genuine or not. Till now, they haven’t released any details about the new service, and we need to wait a little more to hear from them.

Jio DTH Launch Date in India

SL No.Event ListLaunch Date
1Jio DTH Official Annoucement DateJuly 5, 2019
2Jio DTH Beta Testing StartsAugust 20, 2019
3Jio DTH Testing Last DateSeptember 24, 2019
5Jio DTH Package DateOctober 5, 2019
4Jio DTH Online Booking StartsOctober 15, 2019
6Jio DTH Launch DateOctober 29, 2019
7Jio DTH Francize Store StartsNovember 10, 2019
8Jio DTH Buy Starting DateNovember 27, 2019

As we have listed above the Jio DTH, set-top box launch can be expected in the next few months and currently lots of scams are going on the market with the fake Reliance Jio DTH Dish and set-top box. We found many Youtube videos on the internet which misleading people by saying that it’s already launched and they also share fake pictures and videos as proof. Some website is trying to scam people by saying to pay the registration or booking charge to get the product. But, some people are getting a set-top box, and dish with the Jio logo on it and also they are getting few channels for Free, how can it possible and how can they get that before the official launch?


Let me tell you that these setup boxes and dishes are fake and it’s not provided by JIO, and few people are scamming people to get profit. But, how can it possible and if its fake then how can they get the channels at free of cost? Yes, it’s true that they are getting a few channels at free of charge but, these are not provided by the company. In these set-top boxes the customer card or the Cable card on the set-top box (STB) or set-top unit (STU). These free channels are provided by the Indian Government rule and its available everyone for free. So, they are getting huge profits from this by claiming that they are providing Original Jio DTH Setup box. The Set Top box of Jio DTH will be granted only after the official announcement, and it better stops checking for them in the social media and trusting on these fake videos and images.

You will be noticed for sure by through email or notification if you have registered. Otherwise, you may get the details through news channels or newspaper once it launched. So, better following any of these and avoid these scammers. Never believe on the Fake Jio DTH Set top boxes images which are getting viral on the internet. Many people are losing Rs.1500 to Rs.2000 to buy these fake systems. So, always stay away from these scams and also let our friends and relatives about these scams in the market.


As of now, No official Jio DTH News is available, and all the things or videos and images found are images should be considered as fake. Everyone is eagerly waiting for many months for the grand launch, but it’s still not verified by the officials. It’s expected to announce on the 2019 annual general meeting of Reliance Jio. There are many images which are spreading on the internet claiming as Jio Setup Box, and while checking the pictures it looks like original ones but as we already mentioned these are not confirmed by the company. You can find those images attached below; you can check and verify its genuineness yourself.

jio-dth setup-box

Like the other products from Jio, the JioPhone, Sim and the  JioGigaFiber broadband it takes much time for the testing stage. If the images of the set-top box spreading are original, then it’s on the very final scene, and we can expect the product launch very soon. However, we need to until the testing periods are completed. One more thing is that even after the product launch the DTH service may available on the major cities like Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jodhpur, Kota, Raipur, Nagpur, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Madurai, Kanpur, Patna, Allahabad, Agra, Meerut, Rajkot, Srinagar, Amritsar, Solapur, Nashik, Faridabad, Coimbatore, Guwahati, Chennai, Ranchi, Pune, Indore, Thane, Bhopal and Lucknow. So, it may take much more time to avail the service in every part of the country.

When will JIO DTH Launch?

In the current scenario, No one can say an appropriate date of the JIO DTH Launch but, it can be expected in 2019 itself. It can be only confirmed even after the official release by the Jio CEO Mukesh Ambani. As we already mentioned many times that the product will be under the testing condition for now and they might select a group of people in a locality and provide them free service for few months to check the quality and customer feedbacks. Depending upon the feedback from those people they may improve or work to get a better result.


The testing period maybe 3 or 6 months and it can be extended until they found its better and right to serve. So, its almost cooked, and we need to wait for little more to get them. We can expect great introductory offers from Jio during the launch, and it will be great if you could grab during those special offer days.

JIO DTH Set Top Box Details 2019

BrandReliance Jio
Product NameJio Home TV (Jio DTH)
Subscription Charge / PriceRs 200 - 400 / Month
Expected Launch DateJuly 2019
Jio Online DTH RegistrationNot Available
Jio Set Top BoxNot Available
Expected Jio SetTop Box PriceRs 1500
Jio DTH Official Website

As per the details from some unknown sources, the launch can be expected in 2019 itself, and they will start the registration and set-top box distribution after the official announcement. The Set Top Box pricing will be much cheaper than the other operators. Their new schemes and plans to this filed will make a big headache to the current giants in the market, and that may lead to getting better benefits to the existing customers of other operators. They may be forced to lower down the charges, and this provides advantages to the subscribers. So, this will be a great launch in 2019 and can expect massive changes in the market just like Jio made changes in the Mobile Network charges.

Jio Setup Box Specifications

Picture QualitySD, HD & 4K
Total Available Channels432 Standard Channels
Welcome DTH OfferFree 3 Month Plan
Installation ChargeFree
Regional LanguageSupported
HDMI Output PortAvailable
Band Frequency Range12 - 18 GHz
Internet ConnectivityYes
Digital Dolby Sound5.1 Surround
Pause Live TV Available

The Jio Setup Box Specifications which got from some other blogs or websites are listed below and which might be wrong because there is no update about these on any of the Jio Official sources. There are no details available, even a banner regarding this is not available on the company website, facebook page or in the twitter handle. So, it can’t be genuine, but we shared here to let you know the available details as of now. The only thing that we can assure that the cost of the settop box, monthly subscription charge, and other addon pack charges will be very much low or it will be cheaper than other service providers currently in the market. As per some details on other blogs, they may offer three months completely Free service just like the Jio sim and also saying the pricing of the SD and the High Definition or the HD is same or it’s almost equal. Anyway, this information is not much trustworthy and better wait for the updates from them.


JIO DTH Booking System Details

As we have already mentioned, the Jio DTH Booking is not started as of now, and it will begin only after the official update from the Jio team. It can be expected in the next few months. Reliance Jio will start the DTH booking after the launch on the official website. There might be a booking charge, and you can also book it through the outlets near your place. Booking offline through the outlets may be much better, and it could help you to clear your doubts from them. You can also schedule it merely through the official website, and it helps to save time and energy.


Once the product or the service launches the booking starts, and there might be some introductory offers, and that can be availed only if you are booking them in a period. So, if you have already planned to take a Jio DTH Connection then, it’s better to book them as soon as it officially launches. The product launch can be expected of then Next Jio AGM or the Annual General Meeting 2019.

Expected Date of Launch, Jio DTH

The Jio Dth Service Launch is likely to be after the Jio AGM 2019. The official announcement may be made on the Annual Meeting in July, and after a few months of that the service will be available in the major cities in India, and shortly it spreads whole places. As already mentioned there might be a three months free plan while launching and you may need to pay around Rs 1000 to get the setup box and dish and which includes the installation charges also. So, it will be pretty much lower than the other operators. We shared few of the images spreading on images which looks like the Jio Dth products. You can have a look at those and check whether those are genuine or not but, the company hasn’t made any details regarding these.



Just like the after effects of the Launch of JIO 4G Network, which leads to having better services from other network providers like Idea, Vodafone and Airtel at reasonable prices. The Jio DTH launch may also make some hard time to the other DTH providers and may result in reducing their plan charge to existing in the market and which will be beneficial to the ordinary people.

Jio DTH Channel List

The DTH Channel List includes all the Sports Channel, Kids channels, News and other Entertainment Channels are included. We have another article which lists all the available Jio Dth Channel list along with the channel number. You can go through the link provided and check all the channels. It consists almost all the channels which are available on other DTH operator packs. The appropriate updated list will be made once we receive the official launch announcement from the company. Now, you can check the currently available list and check whether the favorite channels are in the list or not. You can also check the different pricing or plans of the Jio DTH from the table at the bottom. The various plans or package may have a difference in the quality and number of channels. If you want all the available channels, then you must have to purchase the premium plans, which consists of all the available channels at the HD quality.

Jio Dth Online Booking Registration 2019

The Jio Dth Online Booking Registration 2019 will start in the next few months, its expected to announce in the AGM 2019 and that’s in July. It will be available in the place that we mentioned earlier, and it will expand to all locations in a short period. We are recommending you to join our popup notification, and you will get updates from us once it’s officially launched. We have shared few images which looks like the Jio DTH settop box, remote and other products but, these may or may not be original once anyway, it’s not released officially by the Reliance Jio Industries.

We can expect highly affordable prices for both the Jio DTH as well as the already announced all-new Jio GigaFiber Broadband. As per the details available, the basic plan starts from Rs 150. The virtual reality gaming, ultra HD entertainment, online shopping, multi-party video conferencing and other smart home solutions are offered by the company to the customers in the upcoming years.

Jio DTH Plans & Packages Details

DTH Package1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
Jio Basic Pack1805209901999
Jio DTH Silver Pack19555010202099
Jio Gold Pack21057010402180
Jio Gold Plus Pack22559010602250
Jio DTH Platinum Pack23561010852290
Jio DTH Premium Pack24063511102330

All Things You Need to Know About Jio DTH

The Jio DTH is not launched or announced as of now but, we can expect that in 2019 itself. Most probably it will be announced in the Reliance Jio Annual General Meeting 2019, which is normally held in July. There are lots of news and images spreading via WhatsApp and facebook about this new product or service, but none of them are not yet confirmed by any officials. So, it’s better to stay away from all those. Once its announced you will be notified through news channels or newspapers else you can subscribe to our website notifications and we will notify you once it’s launched. We also recommend you to bookmark this article or page, and we will update this article About Jio Dth, and we promise to update this article whenever we get new updates on this. You can also check the below-attached video which shows the Jio DTH SetTop Box and other components in the package.

You can also check our other articles about other Jio products and services like JioPhone 3 specifications, Jio MediaCable, Jio GigaFiber Broadband details, Upcoming Jio Laptop details, etc. If you found this article, then share this article on your Facebook wall or Twitter handle or through WhatsApp and let your friends know about the new DTH provider. Please leave a comment below and also if you know more details or we missed something to add to this article. Then, feel free to post a comment below and let us know it. Thanks for visiting our blog, I hope it was useful to you. Have a great day.

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      The DTH service is not yet announced officially, the bookings start once it’s done. We can expect the product/service announcement in the next few months.

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